Welcome to Waterstop Carts…   

It’s like bottled water without the bottle!

WaterStop Carts is a socially responsible, for-profit company based on the simple proposition that people around the world need safe, accessible and affordable water sources. We seek to address the discrepancy between demand and access by filtering municipal water for taste as well as removing impurities; this includes water that has been desalinated, reclaimed or recycled, making it available to the public through our mobile water-carts. With the urbanization of the world’s population and the aging and decaying of our water infrastructure, WaterStop Carts plays an important role in making clean water available in cities around the world and in developing countries.

Creating Vendors and Franchises:

“There is a water crisis today. But the crisis is not about having too little water to satisfy our needs. It is a crisis of managing water so badly that billions of people – and the environment – suffer badly.” The World Water Council

Version 2.0 of the cart will include Wifi and an LCD allowing for Digital Advertising (DOOH). Making the carts financially independent through Digital Advertising is the most important element in creating independent Vendors and Franchises in cities around the world. This business model will generate jobs for Small Business Owners and Franchisees as well as local manufacturing jobs. WaterStop’s Media Center will generate the Display Advertising/Digital Advertising for the cart’s LCD and Digital Banners. The company will share in the revenue which carts generate (see gstv.com as an example of how this works.)

Call for Schools to Participate in the WaterStop Pilot Program