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What is the Waterstop Cart?

Cart Features

The WaterStop Cart is a mobile water delivery and refill filtering unity that filters municipal, recycled, reclaimed, and desalinated water to the taste and purity of bottled water.

Refilling the tank is as easy as using a common garden hose, the tank comes with universal fittings for all types of water-source connections. The cart has an alert system that will send a signal to the maintenance manager’s cell phone or computer when: the water level is low, filters need to be changed and when the battery needs recharging. Changes to the banner ads are done remotely and can be done using a cell phone or computer.

An LED two-sided display on the roof of the cart publishes messages from sponsors, advertisers and cart owners. This digital banner is designed to be an income source.

An audio/video monitor also on the roof of the cart broadcasts games, messages, advertising and promotions and also represents a  revenue opportunity for WaterStop from companies and other entities who want to reach the audience the cart serves.

Creating a Hotspot: each cart carries broadband Wifi, a free service attracting people who are looking for Wifi. This service along with the water availability, transforms the cart into a destination area.

Our engineering team has designed the cart to include:

• 50 Gallon polyethylene storage tank with (400 – 16oz bottles)

• Overall dimensions: height 60”; width 30” and length 42:” – designed to fit through standard doors

• Battery operated with recharging capability. The cart is powered by a 110 volt battery; it runs on a rechargeable battery to allow the cart to be moved into areas without connecting to an electrical outlet. In the 2nd prototype we will add a small solar umbrella to extend the battery life.

• Digital banner for announcements, corporate advertising/marketing and sponsorship, meeting announcements,

• Wifi capabilities to send important information on how the unit is functioning to owner, manufacturer and distributor,

• Controls for tank: cooling system, UV, filtration, spigot functions, etc.

• For vendor services a counter for per ounce flow costs.

• OTHER KINDS OF OPTIONS: Sales and Marketing: adding shelving units for promotional reusable water bottles, souvenirs, gifts, water flavoring to enhance taste. Emergency Services: dispensing antibiotics in a community emergency and a hand pump to keep water flowing if the battery should empty.

The Cart is designed to clean most, if not all, municipal water through a three stage filtration system which removes sediment and particulate matter. Filters for each Cart are selected to filter local water sediment, lead, arsenic particulate that are peculiar to that geography (and remove the smell of chlorine used to clean municipal water.)

Flow rate between 1-2 US gpm filling a 8-16 oz. cup in 4-8 seconds

Temperature ambient until chilled, temperature has no effect on treatment

Filter 1 removed particulate matter, reduce turbidity and also remove inorganic metals

Filter 2 can selectively remove: microorganisms, crypto, giardia, virus, giardia and the filter insert/cartridge will be selected based on the users sites water quality (tested locally)

Filter 3 can selectively remove Organic Chemicals, chlorine and improves taste

  • ALL municipal water contains chlorine. Chlorine tastes bad even in NYC water.
  • The UV component can effectively kill or render non-viable any microorganisms or viruses not treated before
  • Note an additional filter can be added if there are concerns about disinfection by product removal

We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.


Along with our carts, WaterStop will sell our collapsible, reusable bottles by Pop-Tite. Organizations can label the bottles for marketing purposes. Venders can replace bottled water income by selling these bottles and offering free water refills, insuring a return customer and at the same time branding themselves as an environmentally friendly organization. (All can be sold individually or in multiple quantities).